The employees of the company's food packaging and injection molding workshop learn the regulations on the implementation of the food safety law of the

Time:2021-09-03  Click:996
September 2, 2021
    In order to further implement the company's main responsibility for food safety and improve the ability of food production quality management, on September 2, the employees of the injection molding department organized a meeting to study the regulations on the implementation of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China (newly revised, hereinafter referred to as the new regulations), and the employees of relevant injection molding posts and the employees of the quality department participated in this study.
    The new regulations have further strengthened food safety supervision, improved basic systems such as food safety risk monitoring and food safety standards, standardized the designation of local food safety standards, defined the filing scope of enterprise standards, and effectively improved the scientificity of food safety work. At the same time, we have further implemented the main responsibility of producers and operators for food safety, improved the legal responsibility for illegal acts of food safety, and set strict legal responsibilities for the new obligatory provisions. The implementation of the new regulations puts forward higher requirements for our food safety work.
    Through this study, the food safety awareness of team staff was further improved. All injection molding personnel will consciously abide by laws and regulations, fulfill their legal obligations according to law, strictly implement the food safety responsibility system, continuously promote food safety management, and be responsible for product quality and safety and the health of employees and consumers.